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Learning Resource Center


Moving Education Forward

At HJTEP, our goal is to provide the resources that inspire student agency, support the development of executive functioning skills, and create an environment where excellence in academics, personal wellness, and tennis are an achievable reality for every child. We help move the coping needle a little farther along every day – ultimately, building individualized success for the children that walk through our door. 

Our Learning Resource Center (LRC) is equally weighted with tennis in the weekly experience of all HJTEP student-athletes. The LRC delivers a diagnostic assessment for every child at the start of each school year so that our families have an early and clear picture of where their child stands in relation to grade level. We also provide relevant educational and mental health supports, private tutoring, mentorship, meditation and mindfulness practices along with financial literacy activities. HJTEP's requires a baseline of at least a 2.0 GPA to remain in our program. However, our high standards and practices consistently produce students of excellent academic achievement with an average GPA of 3.1.

Exact Path - Academic Baseline, Targeted Interventions, and Personalized Learning

Students began the 2022-23 school year with continuing gaps in learning and a greater variety of learning needs than many families have had to navigate in the past. The need to focus on growth while balancing on-grade level proficiency is of high importance. HJTEP offers the opportunity for every parent to know where their child stands academically by offering a targeted learning plan to succeed. Using an adaptive diagnostic assessment called Exact Path, our instructors clearly see the specific competencies and skill gaps of every child, regardless of grade level, at the beginning of each school year. This allows our instructors in the LRC to meet students where they are by automatically creating an individualized learning playlist for each child. These assessments evaluate an individual student’s starting points, strengths, and weaknesses to identify the essential building blocks they need in order to achieve their unique academic success goals.

Private Tutoring Services, in Real Time!

Private tutoring through the LRC offers a flexible and personalized alternative to group classes. Give your child the opportunity to learn one-on-one, at your preferred time, and according to your child’s individual needs. Our experienced educators design custom-made learning plans that address every child’s specific learning style, needs, and objectives.

Inspiring Student Agency

Encouraging student agency involves not only instruction and evaluation but also co-construction. HJTEP recognizes the impact of co-agency. The LRC builds an interactive, mutually supportive relationships with parents, teachers, and members of the broader community that surounds each child.  We recognize that each of these stakeholders in a child's life have great influence to help a student progress towards their goals within the context of the community. In order to exercise agency to the full potential, students need to develop a high level of responsibility and ownership of their own behaviors, commitments, and work products, and we work hard to inspire this cultivation by building executive functioning.

Advancing Executive Functioning Skills

The ability to identify goals and implementing action towards achieving goals while managing themselves independently is vital for children to learn to grasp on the journey toward self-mastery.  If there is struggle in that process, the ability to ask for help without an outside cue to do so is a foundationaal place of practice. Assisting our students in recognizing and harnessing these important skills sets them on a clearer path toward their greater purpose, builds their internal engine and drive to learn, and thus leads them to take personal agency over their own growth and mastery. These concepts are developed within our Homework Help and Focus Session programs.

Homework Help

Trying to juggle working from home, child-care, homeschooling, and also additional homework from school?

The LRC provides every child help with homework as needed as well as valuable interaction with other students in a safe and supervised environment. Our students have a lot to manage and the LRC's over-arching goals are to teach our stuent-athletes how to manage themselves and their time properly so that they can ultimately get themselves into bed, on time, for the rest they need to meet the next day with clarity and focus. Our student-athletes are taught how to self advocate and to seek pinpointed guidance whenever they may be faced with challenges.

Social Accountability in Action

We are here to encourage, inspire, and support one another to accomplish amazing things. We welcome all 9th - 12th grade students to join us in building this supportive community. Our virtual coworking groups provide accountability exactly when and how our student-athletes need it to get things done, “in person” on-line with another human being. Working “side-by-side”, remotely - over video, in structured 60 minute sessions.

Social and Emotional Learning, and Resilience

Social and emotional learning allows students to believe in and activate their own potential; build relationships; persist through obstacles; and exercise their academic, social, and professional skill base. The LRC is dedicated to supporting personal well-being by providing a safe and welcoming space to participate in group workshops as well as one-on-one counseling with our resident social worker and mental health counselor. 

Our stress-reduction and mindfulness programs, including meditation and cognitive awareness, are designed to help students cope with stress and anxiety. We provide various resources and workshops on topics related to managing stress and building resilience by developing healthy coping mechanisms. We encourage self-awareness and support their overall well-being, and success.

Planning for the Future

College and Career Counseling

SAT / ACT Prep

As a sanctioned USTA NJTL Charter member, HJTEP's LRC is proud to provide the award-winning Winward Academy learning platform to our older student-athletes as they begin preparations to graduate high school and shift into the rigors of higher education.  This program was developed by Dr. Jennifer Winward, a renowned 20-year tutoring veteran and instructor at University of California, San Diego. Dr. Winward is highly regarded for her academic excellence, passion for teaching, research on the adolescent brain, and long-standing commitment to education equity.

ACT and SAT preparation shouldn’t be focused on beating one 4-hour test; it should be focused on equipping students with skills and content knowledge that develop a passion for life-long learning, build confidence and contribute to continued professional, and personal success.
— Dr. Jennifer Winward


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